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                  SMT solder pastes

                  2-2 Halogen-free solder pastes

                  2-2-1 Product Characteristics:

                  1. Adopt lead-free environment-protection alloy and helogeno-free flux, meet the RoHS directive.
                  2. New Technical support, special chemical ingredient, provide with favorable wettability to make up for poor wettability of lead-free alloy to ensure high reliability.
                  3. Little residue after reflowing which has no corrosion and good electrical insulation.
                  4. Adopt high-efficiency thixotropic agent to prevent subseidence as preheating and printing.
                  5. Meet the American standard of ANSI/J-STD-004 flux (ROLO).
                  6. The diameter of tin powder is accurately controlled between 25μm to 45μm, and the flux is specifically made to insure continuously printing and fine pattern.
                  7. Advanced moisture-keeping technology and persistent viscidity ( viscosity above 48 hours), more than 8 hours of valid working life.
                  8. The residue is clear and has little influence to test.
                  9. Lucent soldering point and other favorable performance.

                  2-2-2 Designation, Melting Point and Alloy Compositions

                  Series Melting point(℃) Alloy compositions
                  WH-326G-R(2-2) 217-220 S-Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5Ce
                  WH-373G-R(2-2) 216-228 S-Sn99Cu0.7Ag0.3
                  WH-210G-R(2-2) 340-240 S-Sn95Sb5

                  2-2-3 Flux Chemical Composition

                  Materials Content(wt%)
                  Resin 40
                  Thixotropic agent 11
                  Acid 3
                  Solvent 37
                  Corrosion inhibitor 3
                  Viscosity additive 2
                  Active polymer 2

                  2-2-4 Properties

                  Item Data
                  Halogen content (%) N.D
                  SIR(Ω) Before soldering >1×1012
                  Moist resistance >1×1010
                  Flux content(Wt%) 11.5±1.0
                  Metal content(Wt%) 88.5±0.5
                  Powder size(μm) 25~45
                  Viscosity (Kcps/Pa.s) 180±30
                  Copper mirror corrosion Low
                  Copper plate corrosion Low, accepted
                  Collapse test pass
                  Wetting test pass
                  Shelf life 6 Months (0-10℃)
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