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                  Lead-free solder wires

                  The featured products of Zhongya (Tianjin) are the advanced environment friendly lead-free flux cored solder wires. Three kinds of flux and most of the Pb-free solder alloys are available for this series products. The flux core does not contain halogen and any other toxic substance but possess excellent wettability, fluidity and soldering performance, especially, there is no irritating odor released when soldering. It is very suitable for application of the high speed electrical assembly line. There is very low residue and no corrosion so non-clean is OK. Some indicators are better than the requirements of the RoHS.

                  Classification of Solder Wires

                  3-1 Lead-free Solder Wire
                  3-2 Halogen-free Flux Lead-free Solder Wire
                  3-3 Water-washable or non-clean Lead-free Solder Wires
                  3-4 Low-temperature Solder Wires(138℃)

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