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                  High_Low temperature solders

                  ZhongYa (Tianjin) Company provides for all kinds of consumers several series (including 40 types) Sn-Pb solder alloys in the forms of wire, bar, foil tape. The corresponding melting point is in the range of 58℃-316℃

                  5-7 High-temperature Sn-Pb Series Solder Alloy Specification

                  Series Series,℃ Liquidus,℃ Electivity,
                  Products status
                  Wire Bar
                  GHL-268 268 301 0.198 Ф1.0-3.0mm
                  GHL-300 300 314
                  GHL-316 316 322
                  GHL-296 296 301 Ф1.0-3.0mm

                  Note: ※ means lead-free solder, △ represents the available products, and – stands for unsupplied products

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